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3 Tools to Overcome Client Related Overwhelm

A Free Guide to Lower Stress AND Get the Job Done

☎️ Is your phone constantly ringing with demands from your boss(es) and clients?

😈 For every message you answer, do five more replace it?

📧 Do you lack the time to read the (urgent?) emails that fill your inbox?

Are you afraid of what you'll find at work?

Do you think if you work for 3 - 4 more hours you'll get on top of all of your work?

Do you feel lonely because you don't have time to connect with the people you love?

Are you grappling with high blood pressure and diabetes at the ripe old age of 33?

I remember feeling this way with people wanting help with getting fired, contracts negotiated, and my boss' very good, but non-stop ideas of what to do next.

How to Take a Break in a 90-Hour Work Week can help. Get the guide now.

Hi, I'm Michelle Dionne Thompson, the maverick behind Resistant Vision Coaching and Consulting. I work with women in law who work 90 hours per week to prove their mettle to build the lives they really want that includes family, friends, community, and fun outside of the office.

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